10 Best Fossil Wallets for Men to Buy in 2018

It’s been quite a long time that a good quality and good looking wallet has not touched your pockets? Guys! Then it is high time to replace your old, torn and ugly looking wallet with the following given best Fossil Wallets for Men 2018 collection which define the real definitions of beauty, charm and sophistication. Also, considering the life of wallets, we assure you that the endurance of these wallets will walk with you wherever you go. So you should not miss a chance to look at the amazing wallets of Fossils designed for men touching the sky of refinement and poise.

10 Best Fossil Wallets for Men to Buy in 2018

1.Fossil Men's Elgin Traveler WalletBrownTumbled LeatherCheck Price
2.Fossil International Combination WalletBrownLeatherCheck Price
3.Fossil RFID Flip ID Bifold WalletBlack/ Brown / Cognac / Navy / RedLeatherCheck Price
4.Fossil Men's Wade Leather Front Pocket Bifold WalletBlackLeatherCheck Price
5.Fossil Men's Derrick Large Coin Pocket BifoldBrownLeatherCheck Price
6.Fossil RFID Bifold WalletBrown / Green / Khakhi / Red / Cognac / SaddleLeatherCheck Price
7.Fossil Large Coin Pocket BifoldBrown / Navy / Red / Cognac / SaddleLeatherCheck Price
8.Fossil Sliding 2 in 1 WalletBrown / BlackLeatherCheck Price
9.Fossil Trifold WalletBlack/ Brown / Cognac / Navy / CordovanLeatherCheck Price
10.Fossil Men's Nash Rfid Embossed Guitar Leather BifoldCognacLeatherCheck Price

1.  Fossil Men’s Elgin Traveler Wallet

This exotic wallet designed with high elegance and smartness is stitched with 100% natural and strong fibers. It is the best-designed wallet to suit your fashion and profile.

This wallet’s length is 1.38 inches and it is 0.2 inches wide. Made with tumbled-leather with Fossil’s logo imprinted in the right bottom corner of the wallet. This stylish wallet is very light weight and easily slides into your pocket. 

2. Fossil Men’s RFID Blocking Derrick International Combi Wallet

This alluring wallet comes in your hands with 100% imported Buffalo Hide Leather. This wallet is relatively larger than many other wallets which come with 5 x 5 inches size.

The interior of wallet gives you 12 slots where you can place your credit cards and 3 slip pockets. There is a different pocket where you can keep the coins. It is a hand-wash wallet making it one of the best Fossil Wallets for men which you can opt for any occasion in 018.

3. Fossil RFID Flip ID Bifold Wallet

Fossil RFID Flip ID Bifold Wallet is an eye-catching wallet for everyone, for those who are big fans of collecting stylish wallets and even for those who are not really fond of it. The wallet is made of 100% pure leather which lasts forever.

This super stylish wallet comes with the length of 4.25 inches, width is 0.50 inches and height is 3.5 inches, a cool and designer fossil wallet that you can afford for the casual wearing. To rise up to the taste of diverse consumers, it comes in variety of beautiful designs.

4. Fossil Men’s Wade Leather Front Pocket Bifold Wallet

Fossil Men’s Wade Leather Wallet is one of the best Fossil Wallets for men to buy in 2018 as it defines what is elegance and grace. Touching the fine lines of beauty is made of 100% pure imported leather. This 4.25 inches long, 0.50 inches wide and 3 inches is carved with 6 credit card slots and 1 billfold pocket.

5. Fossil Men’s Derrick Large Coin Pocket Bifold

This exquisite and beautiful wallet for men is touching the heights of style nowadays and users are going mad after it. It is made up of 100% pure imported leather which is of high quality with a textile lining outfit.

This is a dry clean only wallet with 8 credit card slots, 1 ID slot, 2 slip pockets, and 1 pocket for coins. This easily fits into one’s pack as it 4.5 inches long, 1 inch wide and 3.75 inches high. This wallet has all that you need to maintain your style statement among your friends.

6. Fossil Men’s Ethan Leather Rfid Blocking Snap Bifold Wallet

This is a super polished and charming wallet designed to pamper those men whose weakness are wallets. Manufactured with high efficiency and beauty, Fossil Men’s Ethan Leather Rfid wallet is a snap closure wallet which can be closed with two polished button placed vertically which keeps everything inside very safe. It is a dry clean only wallet comes with the dimensions of 3.5×5 inches. It is filled with many pockets where you can keep as much as you want.

7. Fossil Men’s Quinn L-Zip Bifold Wallet

This wallet is an epitome of opulence and fashion, very beautifully designed for those who stamp their presence with the wallet they carry. It is 100% pure and imported leather which can be hand-washed therefore dry clean is no more a headache.

This wallet is one of the best Fossil Wallets for Men to Buy in 2018 because of it’s compact size which can be easily fit in your pockets. Bringing on the page, its elegant design of dark brown horizontal leather strip stitched on the bottom of the wallet with Fossil written on it with fine finishing.

8. Fossil Men’s Ingram Sliding Two-in-One Wallet

This model of Fossil Wallet known for being two in one is an amazing and wonderful wallet to carry anywhere. It is an astounding combination of elegance and funk, therefore you can carry it to your office or show off your funkiness in front of your friends.

This is a hand wash only wallet which is 3.5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide made up of 100% pure imported leather. You can lie back with the belief that this wallet will never leave no matter however you use it. The front side of the wallet is little carved on its right side and it gives you three credit card slots with a slide-out card case, 1 slip pocket, and 1 ID pocket.

9. Fossil Men’s Quinn Trifold Wallet

The noteworthy feature of this Fossil wallet is that it can be opened in three folds which gives you more space to get stuffed. The leather which is used to manufacture is pure in nature with a very fine and smooth surface. This wallet is compartmentalized into three divided sections out of which one is photo ID pocket, many slots for credit cards and coins. Undoubtedly, this becomes one of the best Fossil Wallets for men to buy in 2018.

10. Fossil Men’s Nash Rfid Embossed Guitar Leather Bifold With Flip ID Wallet

This Fossil wallet with a guitar embossed on it is a super cool wallet to buy to become a style icon among your friends. Made up of 100% leather offers you 8 credit card slots and 2 pockets which can be slide and 2 pockets to store your IDs. It is a light weight wallet with dimensions of 0.5 x 4.4 x 3.5 inches which can be carried anywhere and anytime. If you are someone seeking attention then this wallet is the best hack for your intention.

The above mentioned is the 10 best Fossil Wallets for Men to buy in 2018 as it gives you a royal collection of Fossil Wallets which no other brand can offer you. Let any of these wallets to be inside your packets and it may remain forever there because Fossil wallets are the long lasting and most stylish wallets that you could ever find on this planet.

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