10 Best Men’s Wallet with Money Clip: The Buyer’s Guide 2018

Men’s wallet with money clips makes an ideal combination of handling and keeping cash and cards in a well-organized and easy manner. It is designed like a bi-fold wallet with a money clip and a variety of credit card slots for providing storage to your cards and IDs.

Because of being extremely handy, it serves the purpose of carrying money in a comfortable and secure way.  Money clip wallets for men are becoming a trendy item of the present times and are being offered in different styles, sizes, and colors.

Best Mens Wallet with Money Clip

Why Need of Wallets with Money Clip for Men?

Just like your clothing, wallets should be an extension of your wardrobe that tends to describe the person you are. You may come across with a wide range of standards, quality, and designs of the wallets. But it is always ideal to have a wallet with a money clip for safety purposes.

Moreover, examining the prevailing situation, financial innovations like credit and debit cards, people nowadays prefer keeping little cash, thus negating the idea of investing in the bulky wallets. As the transactions are now being widely executed through credit cards, so, the society is now being encouraged to switch to a minimalist lifestyle which strongly supports the world of classy wallets with slim and sleek designs and comprising money clips and compartment to carry cards and bills.

Usage of Mens Wallet with Money Clip:

Once you have finally decided to get a money clip wallet, you definitely need to know the right way to utilize it. Well, what you have to do is to fold your paper money in half and put it in the clip with the folded side pushed in first. Remember to keep the small bills on the outer side for quick daily purchases and to avoid theft or any other misfortune. Once done, slide your credit cards on top of your cash. Some money clip wallets also offer separate bands or pockets to hold your cards. In, that case you will have a plentiful space for its safe storing.

10 Best Mens Wallet with Money Clip to Buy in 2018

1TRAVANDO Slim Wallet with Money Clip
Black/ Dark BrownLeatherCheck Price
2HOJ Co. SKULL Front Pocket Wallet with Money ClipBlackLeatherCheck Price
3Palm West Minimalist Leather Money Clip Wallet with RFIDBlack/ Dark Brown/ Dark Cherry/ SaddleLeatherCheck Price
4Viosi RFID Men's Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip WalletBlack/ BrownLeatherCheck Price
5Garigolden Money Clip Wallet for MenBlack/ Deep Canyon Red/ Vintage BrownLeatherCheck Price
6NapaWalli Leather Front Pocket Money ClipBlack/ Brown/ Blue/ Green/ Gray/ Purple/ Red/ KhakiLeatherCheck Price
7Purfit Design Slim Wallet with Money ClipBlack/ CognacLeatherCheck Price
8MUTBAK Bunker - Front Pocket Money Clip WalletDurango/ Memphis/ Moab/ VegasLeatherCheck Price
9Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet by AocoakwBlack/ CoffeeLeatherCheck Price
10Money Clip Leather Wallet For Men by ClaasicoBlack/ Dark BrownLeatherCheck Price

On quick online searches for money clip men’s wallets, you come across with thousands of options. However, we have selected and compiled the best ones for you. Have a look!!

1. TRAVANDO Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Travando Slim Wallet is shaped diligently and smartly with a premium quality material, comprising seven pockets in all for carrying up to fourteen business or plastic cards. For easy access, front pocket can be utilized to hold 1-2 cards; rest can conveniently be arranged in the six remaining pockets. The wallet also consists of an external notch that let you push out the card quickly and feasibly.

The slim wallet comes with a metal money clip which is ideal for holding several bills inside the wallet. Moreover, while considering the security aspect, Travando Slim Wallet is equipped with RFID security system which is basically a blocking technology preventing electronic theft through scanners that chooses to disclose the relevant information of your debit or credit cards.

What makes it Unique?

  • Strong metal money clip
  • RFID Blocking
  • Stylish embossed logo
  • Thumb notch

2. HOJ Co. SKULL Front Pocket Wallet with Money Clip

Skull accessories never get outdated, right? So how about getting your hands on HOJ Co. skull front pocket wallet that surely will define your class and style magnificently?

HOJ Co. skull front pocket money clip wallet is designed with full grain leather that delivers an astounding vintage appearance. It comfortably fit in well in your front pocket without creating bulk. It includes four exterior card slots that can hold one card each. However, there is an interior pocket that can store your additional cards; thus the wallet makes a house for facilitating six to eight cards.

The wallet measures 2.75 – inches in length x 4 – inches in height. The strong magnetic clip of the wallet is capable of holding ten folded bills on an average.

What makes it Unique?

  • Exclusive design
  • Rich outlook
  • Ideal for keeping only essentials
  • Gift box makes it a perfect gift choice

3. Palm West Minimalist Leather Money Clip Wallet with RFID

Palm West money clip is a thin lightweight wallet that can firmly fit in your back as well as front pocket. It has the capacity of holding six cards and cash with an exclusively designed spring clip. The manufacturers have used superior quality natural tree oil to craft their product, hence eliminating the idea of using strong chemicals.

With the inclusion of RFID technology, your confidential details are kept under cover safe and sound. Product dimensions are highlighted as 4.2 x 2.8 x 0.2 inches that perfectly sits on your palm.

What makes it Unique?

  • Genuine vegetable tanned leather
  • Distinctive style
  • Durable

4. Viosi RFID Men’s Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet

Viosi RFID Men’s leather money clip wallet comes with the dimensions 4.7 x 3.7 x 0.8 inches and is made up of 100% grain Kingston cow leather. It encompasses a rare earth magnet material that will help to securely hold many cards and cash inside your wallet.

The wallet is equipped with five pockets in all, three card slots and two large ones. It includes an ID window as well. Additionally, the wallet has a detailed finest stitching on its outer edges and supports the RFID shielding.

What makes it Unique?

  • Certified by TUV (Germany)
  • Use of rare earth magnet material
  • Sturdy and long lasting

5. Garigolden Money Clip Wallet for Men

Garigolden money clip wallet is a slim and soft handmade pure leather wallet with its edges expertly oiled, thus preventing it from withering out.

The wallet measures 4.4”x 2.8” x 0.18” and possesses three card slots, one change pocket, and an ID window. The money clip vigorously holds a very reasonable amount of money and cards, almost double than its competitors.

The RFID technology of the Garigolden money clip wallet has the ability to block the signals at the frequency of 13.56MHz; however, it does not operate at low frequencies of 125 kHz.

What makes it Unique?

  • Four pieces strong magnet money clip
  • Cowhide genuine leather
  • Handmade

6. NapaWalli Leather Front Pocket Money Clip

NapaWalli has really outshined by contributing to the world of wallets with full-grain crazy horse leather. The wallet offers multiple color choices and features detailed stitching that helps retain its beauty for a longer period of time.

Talking about the sizing of the wallet, it measures 4 x 3 inches, thus offering suitable placement in front as well as the back pocket of your trousers. Things can be neatly organized into three card slots, two additional large compartments, and an ID window.

Wipe away your worries regarding the loss of your vital data as the wallet is entitled to having an RFID blocking system. Moreover, NapaWalli also took advantage of rare earth magnets.

What makes it Unique?

  • Numerous color options
  • Crazy horse leather design

7. Purfit Design Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Purfit Design money clip is an elegantly designed wallet which is prepared with the first layer of cowhide leather. This mini wallet has the capacity of holding up to 10 cards. It comes with a pull tab that offers quick access to your essential cards.

The RFID – anti-theft technology works at its best by keeping your card contents secured.

What makes it Unique?

  • Intelligent functionality
  • Decent composition

8. MUTBAK Bunker – Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet

Mutbak Bunker is a super slim front pocket money clip wallet that measures 0.375″ thick only but still accomplishes accommodating eight credit cards and ten bills.

The wallet is structured with the best full grain vegetable tanned leather and is backed by electronic theft protection – RFID.

What makes it Unique?

  • Ultra Slim
  • Strong magnets

9. Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet by Aocoakw

The money clip wallet by Aocoakw adds an ultimate comfort to your lifestyle with its slim full grain leather design.

The wallet measures 4.3″ x 3″ x 0.3″ and occupies four card slots, an ID window, a change pocket and a robust magnetic money clip. It can be marked as a great fitment for your daily life routines or even traveling.

What makes it Unique?

  • Compact and convenient
  • Perfect gift item

10. Money Clip Leather Wallet for Men by Claasico

Money clip wallet by Claasico is sized at 2.75” x 4.3” x 0.12” making it slim and is structured with a top grain handmade original leather.

You are allowed to easily set up to 30 bills as aided by its heavy-duty magnetic money clip. The wallet consists of four card slot, an ID window, and a center pocket as well. Lastly, it also offers RFID safe protection.

What makes it Unique?

  • Soft feel
  • Lifetime usage

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